Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Snow Snow go away!

This is the backyard buried in snow! We have close to 3 feet of snow here and its supposed to snow every day until the weekend. BLECH!!!! I think snow is great and beautiful in the mountains but I don't want it on my driveway not to mention that I am cold all the time anyway.
I guess I should be glad that we will have the water we need for the lawn and the farmers and I guess if I was a skier I would be thrilled but I am not a skier or a farmer so I am not thrilled.

If I was ambitious I would build a fire but that would mean getting out of my jammies and going out into the dang snow to get the wood. No I think I will just complain and wrap in another blanket.

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Julia said...

I am not sure where you live, but maybe all this snow is my stake's fault. lol We have been in a serious drought and I live in a farming community, so we have been fasting and praying for snow. Our lakes were completely empty this past year.
Hang in there and just think about how green and pretty things will be next summer. :)