Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why is a Charlie horse called a Charlie horse?

When I think of horses this is more the image that comes to mind, isn't that what you picture when some one says horse? So then why did someone start calling a muscle cramp a Charlie horse?

So being me I had to look it up (why is this such an important topic to me today you ask? Well let me tell you I have had one in the upper thigh/lower right butt cheek for 24 hours now so I have had a lot of time to think on it)
Anyway, Wikipedia (and you know anything found in Wikipedia is gospel right) says this:
The term may date back to American slang of the 1880s, possibly from the pitcher Charlie "Old Hoss" Radbourn who is said to have suffered from cramps.[8] Another story mentions a horse named Charley that used to work at Comiskey Park, the Chicago White Sox's baseball stadium. In those days, an old, retired horse was often called "Charlie."

How lame is that! I thought I should check with the medical profession to see if they had a better reason.I went to thinking I would get a better idea NOPE! Here is what they say:
The term "charley horse" is generally believed to be American baseball slang. One story involves Charley (Old Hoss) Radbourn (1853-1897) who was rounding third base when he developed a cramp in his leg. As he limped home, a player asked, "What's the matter, Charley Hoss?" "My leg is tied up in knots." Charley replied. From then on, when a baseball player's leg cramped, he called it a charley horse.

Okay so maybe I need to take back my snarky remarks about Wikipedia, Nah!
so the treatment for a Charlie/Charley horse seems to be stretching it out. Well I have tried but since my Yoga Zen Master status has lapsed I find it difficult to get to the particular muscle. I am going to do some more stretches and walk up and down the stairs today to see if that will help. The stairs may kill me so if it does I will be sure to have my DH post my obituary here. It should read something to the effect of I was killed by a pain in the a$$.



Stray Stitches said...

Hope your charlie horse git up and left for the barn!

Teresa said...

I hope your let gramp is gone by now - but just in case its not - my husband's doctor told him to drink a glass of soda water every night before bed and that this would help his leg cramps.