Friday, September 10, 2010

Resident Evil here I come

I hope everyone has lots of fun plans for the weekend.
Mine? I am going with my DD and her friend and her mom to see "Resident Evil" in 3D tonight (not sure I am thrilled with the movie but I am looking forward to the popcorn. yes I know I am not supposed to eat popcorn)
Then first thing tomorrow at the unholy hour for a Saturday of 8 am we have DS2's soccer (football?) game. He is 6 and tiny, they are all so cute out there.
On the list on my relaxing weekend
yard work at the MIL's
pouring the footings for our new deck
yard work at our house
scrubbing the bathrooms
church summer party (I get to hand out watermelon)
grocery shopping

I hope to get a nap in on Sunday afternoon. I hope your weekend is far more relaxing :)

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Stray Stitches said...

Sounds like a very busy weekend!