Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I was aiming to post at 9:09 but I was running kids and walking dogs! Dang it.

Today was DD's first day of high school SIGH!!! I am so not ready for that. I thought I had another year, when I was in school 9th grade was still Jr High but the school she is attending has 9-12th in high school.
I guess I just need to finally face the idea that I am no longer in high school myself lol!


Greg said...

It's amazing how time, and life pass by. It won't be long until you'll post her sophomore, junior, senior and finally a graduation picture. Even as life flies by, take time to stop and enjoy the little things that make you smile or drive you crazy. Crazy? I was crazy once..... BTW I really enjoyed your play list, sad as it may seem I sang along to all but one of the songs!

Carrie P. said...

Your daughter is beautiful. Kids just grow up too fast. I hope she has a great year.

Carol VR said...

She looks so grown up.

How fast they get older!

Kim said...

I hope she enjoys her freshman year ~ one of the truly BIG adjustment years in a teen's life. Such a pretty young woman.

MamaBug said...

She looks beautiful, Carin!