Saturday, February 09, 2008

Victor/Victoria... LOL!

I think you have been introduced to Trixie here. Well on Thursday we took her in to have her fixed and to get her shots. I went a head and gave them a check when I dropped her off so Mike could pick her up later if needs be. Well I went to pick her up at the assigned time and they are all we need you to write a new check. I was a little confused and wondered aloud as to why they needed a different check. Well it seems that it cost less to get a boy cat fixed than a girl.
Yes Trixie is not Trixie anymore, I have been calling her (him)Max, Mike is calling him Trixter.

If I try to call him(I still want to say her) Trixter then I come up with Trixie or I have to add The in front of it. I like changing his name totally its easier for me.

Other suggestions have been
Trix(like the rabbit that hocks cereal)
going back to Mikes original name of Surplus
I even thought of calling him Bill (but then I would want to be mean to him so that one is out)
Frank-n-furter thank you Rocky Horror
Rocky again Rocky Horror
I thought of Monty as in Monty Python (how many times where they in drag)

Poor gender confused cat.


Julia said...

We had the same sort of thing happen once. He went from Becky to Beast. :)

How is the snow doing? We have been a little warmer the past several days and melting. The snow is melting, not us. lol

Anonymous said...

We should have started out with a name like Chris or Pat.