Thursday, February 21, 2008


So we had an earthquake that woke me this morning. It felt like my bed was rocking.
The center was about 170 miles SW of here in Wells, NV. My dad has an uncle with a ranch in Wells. I haven't heard from dad yet this morning. The Earthquake was originally reported as 6.3 now its is being reported as 6.0.
No one has been reported as being hurt other than a few scratches and scrapes from things falling. They do have some damage to the older part of town but the buildings where empty so that is a blessing as well.
The science types at the U of U say that this wont cause a big quake her along the Wasatch fault, But I am thinking I need to go buy more bottled water.
Prayers going out to all the folks in Wells.


Julia said...

Hi Carin, I didn't feel it here, but 25 miles south of us, in Pocatello, they did feel it a little. Scary huh? I too am saying prayers for those in Wells. I hope that all is well with your Uncle there.

MarilynH said...

I didn't feel a thing! Course, I was still asleep in bed. or maybe the distance between your house and mine made a difference? I dunno.