Friday, December 11, 2009

Santa had to make an early delivery

So Santa is bringing the kids sleds and being that Santa is a very logical kinda guy he was also bringing them new hats, gloves and in DD's case a new coat. WELLLLL this morning it is -3 degrees Fahrenheit(-19 to the Celsius people out there) SOOOO Santa felt it would be in the kids best interest to have said items now.
To that end he was dragged out of bed early to find where he had hidden the gifts the kids needed (by my sweet hubby who goes to work before dawn and didn't know where I, I mean Santa had the gloves and things)
I hope those of you in the Mid-West where I hear it is even colder stay warm (sending warm thoughts your way) and those of you down under don't melt as I am informed it has been in the mid 40's (that's well over 100 degrees for us state side)
Everyone be safe and enjoy yourselves getting ready for Chritmas, Hanukkah or what ever Holiday you celebrate this time of year!

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onlymehere said...

We had a mini Christmas on Tuesday morning so Santa was busy this week! My son was entering the MTC on Wed. and he really wanted to see the new Harry Potter DVD that came out on Tuesday morning. We surprised him and woke him up on Tuesday to open his gift and watch it before 7:00 p.m. when he was set apart. His sister got a stocking filled by Santa and a note that he would be back Christmas eve to see her again. She's 16 so this was cool with her! It was fun. It's dang cold right now in Northern Utah too. I'm glad your kids got an early gift or two and hope it keeps them warm!

Melissa said...

Oooohhh, good Santa! He always knows what is best (wink, wink)!

Lynn said...

That Santa is one smart and practical fellow!

Barb said...

Sometimes Santa just has to do what he has to do even if it is earlier than expected. Cold here in Texas but no snow.

Carrie P. said...

Stay warm and have a very Merry Christmas.

Wendy said...

We had a little early Christmas here this last week as well. My girls needed "warm" shoes that they could wear at school, since they have a "dress code" and I finally found the type of boots they could wear, and felt the need to be really nice and give them to them last Sunday when we woke to a layer of cold, white snow. I'm glad that some of us feel compassionate towards our little ones, and know when things are needed.

Good for "santa" by the way!!

Margaret said...

Yes, you'r are spot on with our weather 40 yesterday 21 today and raining. Weell it gives us somethig to talk about. However those having Christmas functions have to be prepared for everthing. I like your santa story